Queensland Division and Branches

Queensland Division and Branches 2021/2022, following the 2022 Annual Assembly of Delegates.

The active branches are:

Current President of Queensland Division: Mr Ted Mildren, CSM 

Immediate Past President of the Division: Mr Lindsay Bennett  – Deceased

Patron: Air Vice Marshall (Ret) David Dunlop, CSC

Current State Executive

The State Executive is obliged to:

  • carry into effect, the directions of the State Council;
  • uphold the constitution; and
  • provide good governance of the Division.

The State Executive must also exercise further powers and superintend any business affairs of the Division as may be delegated to it by the State Council.

Executive Members

The State Executive is elected at the Annual Assembly of Delegates and comprises the following members:

President of the Division (State President)
Deputy State President – Mr Stewart McCool
Area Vice Presidents;

Northern – Mr Lindsay Gordon

Central – Mrs Rosslyn Richards

Moreton – Mr Phil Symonds

Sunshine Coast – Mr Doug Elliot

South Eastern – Mr John Griffith MBE

South Western -Mr John Bushell

State Secretary – Mr Robert Wilson

State Treasurer – Mrs Carol McCool

The Assistant State Secretary and the Assistant State Treasurer are elected at the Annual Assembly of Delegates but are not members of the State Executive.

Assistant State Secretary – Mr Heath Fulton

Page updated: 12 September 20221