RAAFA Application Form

This sub-menu contains the application form to join the RAAF Association Queensland Division, there are two method’s , Electronic interactive which means you have the ability to enter the required information to the application and send it electronically via email.

The other method is download this application form and using a Pen or Biro enter the required information and send it via the normal mail system E.G. Australia post, or hand it personally to a executive of the Queensland State Division or the branch in your locality.

“Note” Please be aware the following application form has been approved and is Current, this is the only application form to be used as of 30 November 2017 all previous applications forms are invalid and will not be accepted. Application Form Version [Form: QLD MA1 (Version 3) 19 March 2018] has been approved by the RAAFA Queensland Division State Council.

Electronic Interactive Application: RAAFA QLD Division Application for Membership 2018.PDF