DVA Application Forms

This section is for your convenience only, and you might require more information regarding pensions and claims. As DVA update their website we will update the link to this information in this section we advise that you contact DVA direct for help, remember DVA is a fantastic organisation and are always ready to help you, their service and information are the best in the country.

DVA Application for a Gold Card for those age 70 and over and if you have operational service, you are able to insert the information and save it to your computer or print it.

DVA Gold Card Application.PDF

About Service Pensions.PDF

Service Pensions Part (A).PDF

Service Pensions Part (B).PDF

If you require further information or have specific questions, please phone either of the following telephone numbers:

Department of Veterans Affairs:   133 254

If calling from regional Australia you can call:   1800 555 254