Queensland State Council

The Queensland Division State Council comprises the State Executive and two (2) Council Delegates from each branch.

The Queensland Division Patron is Air Vice Marshal David Dunlop CSC (Retired)

State Council meets whenever necessary, at 0930 on the first Saturday of the month as follows:

  • February
  • March
  • April (If required)
  • May
  • July
  • September
  • November

The May meeting is generally held prior to the Annual Assembly of Delegates (AAD) and is held at the same venue as the AAD.

The November meeting precedes the Christmas Luncheon.

All members are welcome to attend the Council meetings as observers.

Council Delegates;

Each of the Branches appoints/elects two representatives to State Council and it is preferable that one of the elected representatives be the Branch President. These appointments are made at the Annual General Meeting of the Branch.

The Branch also appoints Delegates to the Annual Assembly of Delegates (AAD). Each Branch is entitled to two (2) Delegates for the first forty financial members or part thereof, and one (1) Delegate for each additional forty members or part thereof as at the 31st December in the year preceding the AAD.

The maximum number of Delegates that a Branch is entitled to at the AAD is Five (5). Each Delegate is entitled to one vote and any Delegate can exercise the number of voted to which the Branch is entitled.

Annual Assembly of Delegates; 

The Queensland Division holds an Annual Assembly of Delegates (AAD) each year, usually around the second weekend in May. This Assembly includes the Annual General Meeting, which, due to the vast distances to be travelled, is prohibitive for most members to attend. Branches are represented by Delegates, the number of which is proportional to the branch membership.

The business of the AAD is to;

  • receive and consider the Auditor’s Report and the audited Statements of Account for the preceding year
  • receive the report of the Division officers on the past year’s transactions
  • to appoint the Auditor
  • to elect the State Executive
  • and to consider any such other business as the State Council or any member upon due notice of motion brings before it, and
  • consider any general business may be brought forward at the discretion of the Chairman.

The AAD is held at a location decided by the members at the previous AAD.

An official dinner is held on the night of the AAD and National Awards are given to the recipients during the dinner.

Updated: 12 September 2022