State Executives – 2022/23

State President:

Mr Ted Mildren, CSM

Telephone: 0419 665 281

Deputy State President:

Mr Stewart McCool

State Secretary:

Mr Robert Wilson

Telephone:  0419 688 014

PO Box 2259, Wellington Point, QLD 4160

State Treasurer:

Mrs Carol McCool

North Queensland Area Vice President:

Mr Lindsay Gordon

(Cairns and Townsville Branches)

Central Queensland Area Vice President:

Mrs Rosslyn Richards

(Bundaberg and Fraser Coast Branches)

Sunshine Coast Area Vice President:

Mr Doug Elliott

(KawanaWaters and Nambour Branches)

Moreton Area Vice President:

Mr Phil Symonds

(Pine Rivers Sandgate and Redcliffe Branches)

South Eastern Area Vice President:

Mr John Griffith, MBE

(Logan City, Queensland University Squadron, Redlands and WRAAF Branches)

South Western Area Vice President:

Mr John Bushell

(Ipswich, National Servicemen and Toowoomba Branches as well as the Headquarters List)